What Type of Hair Do I Use for my Crochet Braids (Crochet Weave)?

Most crochet braids (crochet weave) use synthetic bulk braiding hair in a curly style for their crochet braids for 3 main reasons:

  1. Many people cut the braiding hair used for crochet braids as they take it out, or at least do not try to reuse it, so human hair would not be practical because of the cost.
  2. The synthetic bulk braiding hair used for crochet braids tends to start to frizz at the ends after a time and so trimming of the ends is necessary, thereby eventually reducing the length of hair that is left.  Not all frizz can be cut out though, so eventually the synthetic hair will need to be replaced so as to not look ratty.
  3. Human hair has a cuticle. The way that crochet braids are applied with doubling and knotting would not allow the cuticle to face in the right direction, although I do think some types of human hair might work. (I will admit, I am not an expert on human hair used for weaving.)

The synthetic fiber that seems to be most favored is Kanekalon or a Kanekalon and Toyokalon mix, which can now be manufactured to closely resemble human hair in texture, but with less tangling that human hair, although the quality among brands seems to differ.

Choosing a curly style of synthetic hair for crochet braids helps to cover the cornrows, although some people do use straight hair.

Flame-resistant straight Kanekalon could be used and then curled afterward, either with a curling iron (after wetting the hair) or using some type of rollers and dipping the hair fiber in near-boiling water.

Model Model Bulk Water Wave
Glance Water Wave Synthetic Braiding Hair

Other popular choices are Freetress or Model Model bulk synthetic braiding hair in one of their curly styles. The one I used is pictured.

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8 comments to What Type of Hair Do I Use for my Crochet Braids (Crochet Weave)?

  • Abi

    Where do u get ur crotchet braids done? Can you give me a number to call if I wanna get it done. Thanks

  • Lauralyn

    Hi all. You can have you crochet braids don at Stylist hair and beauty 278 Hornsey road N19 4HN. Pricing starts from £60 depending on style and length required. Feel free to call text or Whatsapp 07432632696. Stay Blessed for now :)

  • Hello! I use crochet braids for protective styling and transitioning to natural hair. They allow your hair to get a break and you can care for the scalp. Your scalp needs a break sometimes from heat, tension, styling products and traditional shampoo. You can still co-wash while wearing crochet braids and nourish the scalp with natural oils: coconut and Shea are my personal favorites. Want the look? Visit:styleseat.com/andreathompson

  • Mrs.Martin

    Can you tell me where I can find some conrow patterns to do my crochet style? Please and thank you

    • Alyce

      Hi Mrs. Martin
      When I first got started with crochet braids I checked out a lot of YouTube videos to help me. I am sure there are even more videos out there now showing different patterns. I ended up just braiding straight back because I am not that great of a braider:). I will work on posting links to some of the videos that helped me. Thanks

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