When I first heard of crochet braids, and that some ladies were completing their transition to natural hair with crochet braids, I did not know what they were. You see, I have never worn any type of hair weave before, so the whole language of hair weaving was foreign to me. When I heard mention of crochet braids I pictured Raggedy Ann with her hair made of yarn, and frankly did not want any part of that look!

How I Got Started With Crochet Braids

While browsing You Tube in search of videos on how to cornrow (canerow) hair, I stumbled across a video on crochet braids (crochet weave) . I really liked the look.

I think I was hooked (no pun intended) right then and there. I knew this would be a great alternative hairstyle and I would be able to complete my transition to natural hair along with protecting my hair as it grew out with crochet braids. I had to find out more, such as what hair to use, how to put them in, how to care for them, how to care for my hair that would be braided underneath them, etc.

After watching several videos I had a good handle on what crochet braids were, how people were using them, how they were put in, and the best hair to use for them.

Since I was on the lookout for a style with less manipulation 15 months into my long-term transition to natural hair, this looked promising. I decided to give crochet braids a try, and to complete my transition with the help of crochet braids.

Hopefully on this site you will find out how you too can use crochet braids (crochet weave) as a supplement to your other transitioning hairstyles.

Also check out my transitioning blog on my other website, black hair care today.com.  Hopefully this will give you inspiration to see how my hair progressed along my transition.  The link to this blog is also in the menu bar.

Note:  Crochet braids are also known as latch hook braids because of the latch hook used to install the hair, and is really a more accurate name for them.

(Crochet Weave)

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